How Old Metrics may strand you strategically

Focusing exclusively on efficiency and cost data helped management measure impact in the old era, though still necessary today they may no longer suffice. Do you know how social behaviors of your customers impact your bottom line? The technologies to support your business, such as your website or your cash register misses out on the social behaviors ….

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What strategy will help Coca Cola and McDonald’s continue to Grow?

McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, two of America’s most iconic brands were the focus of the January 2015 discussion.  Why pick on them? The market has been digesting repeated disappointments over quarterly earnings and fueling speculations about their future. The availability of

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Taking Aim at Corporate Leadership–

Jamie Dimon, Hugh McCall were just a few exemplary CEOs that were discussed this morning in our discussion around Leadership.  Their ability to deliver, tough minded interactions with their boards, zero tolerance for non-performers and vision for their organization suggested

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Mobile Strategy–an imperative for your future

Note to readers: The graphic to the left was found After the  October 18, 2013 discussion, inspired by articles listed at the bottom of this post.    Does your near term performance hinge on your understanding of mobile  technology, and

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Sports analogies for business – how effectively do their impact and influence extend beyond the game ?

Undeniably there is a cross-relevance between many sports philosophies and business. Competition and Sports go hand in hand. Opposition, rivalry and contest make up the elements necessary to motivate both players and observers. The experiences of playing or watching sports evoke great passion and focus, behaviors which naturally pervade our lives and make the contests universally appealing. No wonder, sport stories succeed as shorthand references connecting experiences across a series of interpersonal activities including business.

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Beyond Social Media, Creating Social Capital

Rich conversation and insights flowed on Friday morning when the Booth Strategy Discussion group happily pondered four key questions on the topic of Social Media, Not just for Marketing. This month, David Friedman of Bridgewell Partners offered to facilitate and

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For JC Penney and Ron Johnson experience counts, but which one will deliver growth?

When I noticed the battering Ron Johnson received for attempting to reposition and re-brandthe  stalwart American department store JC Penney, I recognized a great case for peer learning among strategy as well as design thinking innovation professionals.  Johnson seems to

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