Strategy is as much art as it can be science.

It’s why the Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Chicago chose to create a monthly study group and enable professionals to share ideas, learn from their peers and attempt to keep up with the myriad of trends that might impact their business.

The best way to learn is to teach, and so the general format is self-study with an opportunity to challenge our self-proclaimed wisdom and knowledge.  The small forum limits attendance to 20 participants. Topics mix current business cases as well as  emerging methods.

For the sake of continuity, I, Rachel Kaberon, coordinate the topics, curate the articles and facilitate the session with the help of volunteers who continue in a variety of supportive roles. Your input and suggestions help make the topics and articles relevant to the larger community Chicago Booth Alums and their peers.  This blog includes my discussion notes and attempt to capture and reproduce the sentiments voiced by peer participants.  Occasionally, posts reflect more clarified thoughts I’ve composed about the articles we’ve read or subsequent takes on the topic.

Thoughts expressed here are largely my own, unless identified as a guest contribution. The purpose originally was to merely enable interested learners,  unable to attend , to add their comment and further the discussion.  Feel free to add references or post resources for others who stop by seeking additional insight.

Would like to learn more about the activities of the Chicago Booth Alumni Club? Go to the Club website and calendar

Questions? reach me on twitter @Rkaberon.  Note, I also maintain two other professional blogs where I express my observations on both business trends, innovation and cognitive change.


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